The Group Plan and Cleveland’s Mall

This tour takes you through, and around, what could be downtown’s most important architectural space: the Cleveland Mall. The roughly 90-minute tour will talk about the development and role of the Mall itself and introduce you to many of the area’s most significant buildings.

Fairmount Boulevard Historic Districts

During this audio tour—slightly more than one hour but potentially shorter if you turn around at Coventry—you will walk one of the Cleveland area’s most iconic streets. Often referred to as the Millionaires’ Row of Cleveland’s eastern suburbs, Fairmount Boulevard is an architectural treasure trove. The walk’s entire length is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tremont Churches

Nearly two dozen churches are hallowed evidence of Tremont’s deep ethnic roots. This tour covers most of “Historic Tremont” and nine of its churches—a fair amount of walking to be sure; but also a degree of ecclesiastical density that may be unparalleled in the United States

Cleveland Clinic and Historic Fairfax

During this tour you will be guided through one of the constantly adapting and changing neighborhoods on Cleveland’s east side. The numerous sites highlighted will inform you about the area’s architecture, history and people.

Tremont: Lincoln Park

During this audio tour—roughly 50 minutes—you will circumnavigate one of the Cleveland’s oldest and most interesting public spaces—Tremont’s Lincoln Park. On the way we’ll stop briefly at nearly a dozen structures where you’ll learn a bit about architecture, history, art and people.

Coventry Village

During this audio tour—roughly one hour—you will walk one of the Cleveland area’s most beloved and historic neighborhoods: Coventry Village in Cleveland Heights. On the way we’ll stop at numerous sites where you’ll learn a bit about the area’s architecture, history and people.